Course Length: 38 weeks

Assessment method: Practical coursework and Portfolio materials.

This music performance and production course is designed to help you tailor your learning towards your own talents and preferences. Whether you're a traditional musician or aspire to be the next big rap or grime artists, want to organise events, or produce the theme for the next big game, this is a step towards your career dreams. You'll take part in collaborative and individual project work, taking on typical industry roles and completing a work experience portfolio with employers as part of your study programme.

This Level 3 qualification will help you build specialist skills from areas such as music production, business, technology and performance, with an opportunity to focus on a specialist subject in assignments.

Specialist subjects could include;

  • The technical specifications of recording equipment
  • Studio recording
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Software editing techniques
  • Production techniques (sampling and sequencing)
  • Rehearsal skills
  •  Performance skills
  • Software programming
  • Composition
  • Live sound engineering
  • Events management
  • Music business
  • Research projects

Course progression includes applying for university courses or starting an apprenticeship/ job in the sector.

Career opportunities include performing, composing, music production, music/event management, music broadcasting/journalism, working as a session musician, music therapy, teaching, and sound engineering. Roles in related fields could include arts administration, event management, theatre/stage management, sales, tour management, merchandising, and public relations. 


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