Professional Football Coaching and Education Programmes for 16-24 Year Olds.

At Marcelona Sports Academy our programmes are developed and run by UEFA qualified coaches and ex-professional footballers. 

Our objective is to develop the footballing and academic skills of young, aspiring male and female footballers, providing the best foundations and opportunities for progression in the sports industry. We continue to achieve this through extensive training, expert analysis and regular competitive matches.

Alongside daily professional football training, our students will study towards an accredited qualification after which, entrance into university and an accomplished career in the football and sports industry will be viable options for them.

Combined with our expansive knowledge of the 'beautiful game' and links with a number of leading semi pro and pro clubs, we aim to help aspiring footballers achieve their goals and move onto the next level in their football career in the UK or abroad.

Our programmes are tailored to suit your ambitions with full-time courses, short courses and work experience opportunities for 16-24 year olds.

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'Providing a Pathway into Pro and Semi-pro Football' 

  •  FREE Nike training kit
  •  FA Youth Cup
  • Coaching from Ex-Pro and UEFA A and B qualified Coaches.
  • Showcase Games against Pro academies and Semi-Pro Clubs
  • Weekly Competitive Matches against other Colleges.
  • Personalised gym and nutrition programme.

  • Daily Training to ensure every student is always in peak condition.
  • Workshops and Q&A’s - Ex-professional footballers will  offer words of encouragement and advice for our students.
  • Football education and strategies through classroom learning.
  • Links to Pro clubs, Semi-pro clubs and Scholarship Providers in the UK and Abroad. We will provide guidance and support to students on football trial.



Meet Our Academy Director.

Our Academy Director and UEFA B licensed Coach, Marce Collington, came up through one of the most successful academies in modern football, West Ham Utd. Aptly nicknamed the Academy of Football, West Hams Youth Academy produced the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Jermaine Defoe and Frank Lampard, to name only a few. As well as sharing the field with world class players, Marce's professional career saw him managed under the greats such as Tony Carr and Alan Pardew. 

"I was scouted by West Ham Utd aged 11 whilst playing at Enfield FC and my life changed instantly. I was living my dream. Following eight incredible years coming through one of the most successful academies in modern football, I went on to play at a few other pro clubs before injuries meant that my playing career was definitely over.

My intention in starting this Academy is to prepare our students to reach their pinnacle and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to do so. On our training programme, committed students have and will continue to succeed and make exceptional and enjoyable careers for themselves in the Football and Sports Industry.

We are pleased to be providing a clear pathway into pro and semi-pro football for youngsters and our commitment is to deliver the highest quality coaching and development for the duration of their time with us building them up to be the absolute best at their craft.” MARCE COLLINGTON, ACADEMY DIRECTOR.

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Learning The Importance Of Being Part Of A Team 

It is vital that students mature not just as footballers, but as people.
Football is a team game, and students will learn to develop the social skills which will allow them to work seamlessly with fellow footballers, coaches and teachers.





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 Football Academy  in enfield and London






 Football Academy  in enfield and London