Football Academy enfield London



The Football

Our students will receive a minimum of 12 hours a week, top level and professional, personalised coaching. Our expert team of dedicated, experienced and licensed football coaches will advance you in how to play 'The Beautiful Game' in which your four corners will be pushed to their limits for you to become the best player that you can be.

Assisted by our expert team of medical and nutritional staff, students will receive strength and conditioning programmes and regular fitness assessments to ensure they are always in peak condition.

The Education     Trials 



Our ethos at Marcelona Football Academy is centred on the ‘Four Corners’.

 Football Academy  in enfield and London

 Football Academy  in enfield and London




We provide a safe, friendly and competitive platform for aspiring footballers, focussed on developing them individually in these four key areas.  

We aim to inspire students to strive for the best and reach their goals, dreams and aspirations in the sporting world. Marcelona aims to challenge students in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere so they can mature mentally as well as physically.